We are an historic, non-501(c)3, unincorporated Baptist Church

Sunday Services

Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Morning Preaching: 10:45 AM
Youth Night: 4:00 PM
Evening Bible Study: 6:30 PM

Wednesday Service

Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 PM

Our Location

1024 South Shelby Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

Our History

Our Sermons

Live at: www.youtube.com/broabc

You can also listen to our sermons at: www.sermonaudio.com/broabc

Welcome to Fountain Square Baptist Church!

Thank you for visiting us on the web! We would love to see you visit with us during one of our church services! Fountain Square Baptist Church is a historic baptist church, we preach and teach directly from the King James Bible “line upon line, precept upon precept”! By this we mean that we have services where we are studying through books of the Bible (line upon line) and we deal with Bible doctrines or teachings based on topics throughout the Bible (precept upon precept). Our music is Christ honoring, we seek to please the Lord in “psalms and hymns and spiritual songs” by this we mean that our music comes either from the Bible directly (Scripture songs), from our hymnal, or from other writers who use traditional, sacred style music. Please take a look at our “Doctrine” page to learn more about what we believe. You may also learn more about me by going to the “Our Pastor” page. If you are interested in signing up on the Revival Prayer calendar, you can look at it on our “Revival Prayer Calendar” page. We welcome all who have an interest in hearing the Word of God and look forward to seeing you soon!

Aaron B. Campbell, Pastor