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Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 PM

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Our story

Below you will see a series of Ministry Updates written by Pastor Campbell as he was involved in the work to start Fountain Square Baptist Church. The posts are dated by month and started in 2011. Learn more about Pastor Campbell on the “Our Pastor” page. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!!!!


The Lord has made it evident that we are to begin the process of starting a new church! God has worked in our church at McGregor Road Baptist Church and has placed it upon our hearts and burdened us for the people in the Fountain Square area. We would like to reach out to these people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and gather them together to encourage one another as a church to fulfill the great commission. Keep returning for more information about the church plant!

April Update:

Greetings brothers and sisters!

It’s amazing the things that God does in our midst and we are often so used to Him working that we sometimes miss it. I wanted to take a moment to give an update of the last several weeks of ministry in Fountain Square. I remember the excitement we all had on March 13th when you all ordained and commissioned me. It was a very special day for me and my family. I appreciate the love you all have showed us over the years and all of the support that you are as we endeavor to do what God has called us to. I believe this work is going to be a great one as we keep God in charge of it.

Alright, to begin our update; After preaching Sunday night, March 13th, brother Rob Horton came up to me and told me that he was ready to get started. He asked me when we were going to start preaching down there. I was then thinking about the things that we needed to do to get things going and the need for a place to meet and to send the people we meet out there. Nonetheless, we decided on Thursday evening. It was a great time of preaching God’s Word and sharing gospel tracts! That night, we met Travis Inman and he shared his intrest to get into church with us. We were excited to see what God was doing already and extended the invitation to one on one Bible study, to which he gladly agreed.

Travis gave his testimony and we began discussing what salvation is and he was certain that he had in fact placed his faith in Jesus Christ for salvation! We began a discipleship Bible study series the following Thursday night. Travis has been coming to Sunday morning services at MRBC and we’ve been meeting every Thursday night for our discipleship course. He has shown much growth over the last month and we are excited to watch as he is conformed more to the image of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!!! God is at work in lives!!

The next question: Where shall we meet? On Sunday, March 20th, I spoke with Matt Buis about his connection with the owner of the Fountain Square Theature Building and he set up an appointment to meet with him on the following Sunday. We spoke with Linton Calvert who was glad that we were planning on starting a church on Sunday, March 27th. He said that he didn’t have any space available but suggested that we use his name to contact 4 other people who may be willing to work with us.

After calling the four people Linton suggested calling, I spoke with Eric Koehring the owner of Koehring and Sons Heating and Air. He said that he has a 1,500 square foot space at 1024 S. Shelby that we could use. When he asked me what a fair price would be, I told him that there would be a bit of a difference between fair market value and our ability to afford it. He then suggested $150 per month to which I told him that if I could get it approved through MRBC, we would be excited to work with him on those terms. We discussed the details of the agreement and he sent a lease agreement. It was reviewed and presented in a business meeting at MRBC and after revision, we decided to turn it in to the landlord. We are currently waiting to hear back from them for approval. At that point, if there are no changes to the submitted lease, we will get started on the work to get the space ready for the Lord’s work. Below is a picture of the building from the outside.

Some things to pray for:

Travis Inman- Pray that he continues to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lease agreement to be approved.

Supplies for fix up- Ceiling tiles, paint, plumbing supplies, floor tiles, carpet and some other miscilanious materials.

Ministry supplies- Pews or chairs, hymnals, pulpit, any other furniture for the auditorium area; nursery room items, classroom supplies.

The flyers that are to go out when we get the building ready.

I am thrilled to see what God is going to do over the next few weeks and in the long term as well! Thank you all for your help and prayers. I praise God for such a great church to labour with to accomplish the great commission!


May Update:

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Much has taken place since our last newsletter on April 25th. Today is Sunday, May 15th 2011 and we are much closer to our first service than ever before! On April 29th, we signed the lease for our space at the corner of Shelby and Woodlawn!

On Tuesday, March 3rd, we began our work! Walls we cut apart and taken down, moved out of the way for measurement and planning. We came up with a layout for the new building, and on Thursday, we began to put walls back up and in place! Framing, scraping walls, hanging drywall began! We have had a great turn out for help every night, it’s been between 4 and 12 people each night and much has been done. This week, we began to cut out concrete blocks for the new restroom door. That was a fun job! Every night that we weren’t at church at MRBC, we had people at FSBC working on the building.

Travis is learning and growing in the Lord as we work on the building together, we take some time out each week to have our discipleship studies together. We are moving right along on that and looking forward to him continuing to grow. Pray for his family to join him in his devotion to the Lord. They seem to be supportive in the background but we’re looking forward to seeing them jump in and be a part as well. We are looking forward to their salvation and spiritual growth so that they too can become “vessels unto honour, meet for the Master’s use”!

We have been praying for items to come in for the work and many things are out there as possibilities. Continue to pray with us for some things to be solidified as far as some donations. We have a few donors we may be getting us some flooring and fixtures, pray that this works out.

A special thanks to all those who have been a vital help in our construction of the new place: Pastor Kaiser and sons (Ryan and Kyle), John G. DeKruyter, Red Adler, Kyle Thomas, Austin Helton, Jerry and John Lisby, Chrishawnna Boone, Travis Inman, Rob Horton, Rob Holderman, and of course my wife – All of you have been a great help in the Labour, I’m looking forward to continuing to serve with you all in the coming days.

Also, a special thanks to those who have loaned tools: Pastor Kaiser, Travis Inman, and Rob Horton! Without your help, there is much that wouldn’t be done. And thank you Pastor Kaiser for making the purchase runs for needed items.

We had a pulpit donated!! Thank you Dr. Shawn Evans and Bible Study Chapel!

Pray for items still needed:
Pews, a piano (pending), hymnals, pew Bibles, 1500 Square feet of ceiling tile, classroom podium, Small safe, trim, tract rack, and an entry rug.

Also, we too have many pictures to include in this newsletter so go to www.fountainsquarebaptist.com to see the pictures, we will update them often, so check it out as much as you can.

Praise God for what He is doing!
-Brother Aaron Campbell

June Update:

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Wow, has it been over a month already? Much has been accomplished in the last month. We have seen many things donated, many hours of work has been done and we are closer now to knowing our start time!

Let’s see, where to begin? Ok, Good News Ministries began to donate many of our much-needed items. They have given us doors, sinks, counter tops, a toilet, cabinets, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, chairs, a desk and many other things needful for the building. Praise God for working those details out!

Since the 15th of May, we have completed the walls, installed a block glass window, ran the plumbing, set the cabinets and counter tops, finished drywall, installed ceiling tiles, painted walls, set some floor tiles and some carpet, and a few other things.

Praise God, we have a sign now!

Praise God, a church in Indy gave us pews!

We spent many hours sanding the pews; they are looking very good. Just the other night we finished staining them and now we just need to put the clear coat down on them!

Tonight, I am looking forward to getting much of the remaining tile work done, the clear coat on the pews and pulpit, and the platform built. We are getting very close to being done with the building and we’ll soon be out on the streets inviting people and distributing flyers.

Please pray that we can wrap up the remaining items that are needed for the building quickly. Also pray that the Lord will provide the couple of the things we still need (piano & carpet for the auditorium). Pray for the hearts of the people in the area to be open to the gospel. Pray that we will be able to reach these people and see many saved and serving our savior.

I’m looking forward to seeing God begin to work in many people’s lives! It has been very exciting to see Him work out all of the details for the building and work on MRBC through this whole process, now I’m just chomping at the bit to see Him work in the lives of the people of Fountain Square!

Also, we have many more pictures to see on the website (www.fountainsquarebaptist.com). Make sure to check it out often for updates!

Praise God for what He is doing!

-Brother Aaron Campbell

August Update:

Hello all,

Wow, it has been a long time since our last update! Many things have happened and it has been very busy. We serve a great God! Now, where to start?

The construction project on the building has been completed!!! We set a date for the first service and that really pressured us for getting it done. I have to admit that I felt a great deal of pressure in getting it all done in time for our first service. However, the Lord worked it all out! He freed up the time necessary, and provided as many helpers as we needed to get the task done in time.

Then there was the flyer distribution operation! We ordered 10,000 invite cards with the gospel on the back:

In just 2 week’s time, we were able to get around 5,500 of these things handed out! Thanks to all who have been able to get out there and knock on doors and invite people to our first service. We are excited to have an evangelist sent out of our home church to help as well! Brother Luke Campbell has been a great blessing coordinating the evangelism and visitation operations as well as putting well over 40 hours on the street for the invite cards to get out. I am very excited also that we were able to get out and do a little bit of street preaching downtown and Travis got to cut his teeth handing out tracts and witnessing! In just a few hours downtown, he handed out over 500 invite cards and we had great conversations with several people, 2 of which Travis initiated!

Our first service was great!!! We had 33 hungry souls there ready to hear the preaching of the Word of God. The Lord met with us there and I believe I saw conviction in a few people as well as seeing many stirred by the message that the Lord gave us! Our second Sunday, yesterday, was a wonderful time!! We had 37 souls including many from my family who haven’t gone to church in years and have now been faithful two weeks in a row!! We had a few other returning visitors and a few new, first time visitors! The Lord is Good!! He promised to meet with us and He did!!

Continue to pray for this work. God is at work in these people’s lives, some need to be saved and some need to grow. All of them need to be tied into a Bible believing, Bible preaching, and Bible living local, New Testament Baptist church. Pray for God to continue to give me the messages that He wants them to hear and pray that they would respond as He would have them to. Pray for our follow-up visitation and pray for those who have said that they will be coming who haven’t made it yet. Pray for souls to be saved, pray for lives to be changed by the power of God. Pray for God to raise up labourers for His work. Pray for other churches to get a burden for the multitudes of souls in the inner cities who need the gospel of Jesus Christ!! Pray that many churches would be started in the inner cities of America as a result of God saving, calling and training many men of God and as a result of God saving and training Christians to be soul winners!!!

Until next time, may the power of God rest upon you by the Spirit and grace of our Lord,

Aaron B. Campbell, Church Planter/ Pastor

Early September Video Update on the Church Plant:

 January 2012 Update

Brothers and Sisters,

With great joy and excitement, I now write this last update for the planting of Fountain Square Baptist Church!!!  It has been a wonderful, busy, trying, fun, and hard time over the last few months.  We have been working much; the amount of things that entail the starting of a church could not have been imagined at the beginning.  God certainly has taught me that without Him, it cannot be done.  But, praise the Lord, He is a mighty God and He is able to do many great things!!!  We have seen a small group of baptized believers come together now in the Fountain Square area who were then ready to form an autonomous body under Christ as their head!!  McGregor Road Baptist Church has resolved that Fountain Square Baptist Church became an autonomous independent Baptist church effective January 1st 2012!!!

On Sunday evening January 1st 2012, McGregor Road Baptist Church and those baptized believers who had been gathered in Fountain Square had a combined service at the meeting place on McGregor Road.  In that service, we sang songs of praise to our Lord, I was privileged to preach a message concerning the great need for labourers in the Lord’s work and we got to hear a great message from Pastor Kaiser on the importance of church planting and supporting the Lord’s work in an ongoing basis.  During that service we also received the resolution of autonomy from MRBC and 5 baptized believers covenanted together as Fountain Square Baptist Church!!!!  It was a great time of fellowship and a wonderful praise to see God bring this church together!

There has been much research and study into how to organize and the Lord has led us to the point of simply being a New Testament Baptist Church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We will not become a corporation or a ‘state recognized church’.  If you are interested in more information on this decision and how you can do the same, please contact me and I would be glad to explain it, answer any questions you may have and guide you to the necessary contacts to get any other questions answered.

Last night, at our Wednesday evening service we had our first meeting as a church and discussed all of the particulars of biblical organization.  We talked about what the church is and how it operates, the fact that the Bible is our Rule and there is no need for any outside document to take the place of the Authority of the Word of God.  We discussed the necessity of separation of the local church from the state and our role as individuals from a spiritual and physical prospective.  We discussed the role of church members and the office of the bishop as well as the responsibility of both. We then resolved as a church to operate according to the Word of God as our SOLE Rule for faith and practice.

This has been an exciting time of seeing God work, I’m looking forward to seeing what He will do with His church in Fountain Square in the future!!

Until next time, may the power of God rest upon you by the Spirit and grace of our Lord,

Aaron B. Campbell, Pastor

Fountain Square Baptist Church