We are an historic, non-501(c)3, unincorporated Baptist Church

Sunday Services

Sunday School: 9:30 AM
Morning Preaching: 10:45 AM
Youth Night: 4:00 PM
Evening Bible Study: 6:30 PM

Wednesday Service

Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 PM

Our Location

1024 South Shelby Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46203

Our History

Our Sermons

Live at: www.youtube.com/broabc

You can also listen to our sermons at: www.sermonaudio.com/broabc


The congregation of Fountain Square Baptist Church endeavors to accomplish the great commission and we use the following ministries to reach out to the lost and edify the members of this church:

Youth Night:

Every Sunday afternoon between 4 PM and 6 PM we bring kids from the neighborhood and preach the gospel to them and use the King’s Kids curriculum to teach them Bible verses.

Homeless Shelter Outreach:

Pastor Campbell preaches every Wednesday to the men at Good News Mission for the noon Bible study, we provide hair cuts for those in need of that after the noon Bible study. We also preach the 4th Friday chapel service at Good News and we partner with First Baptist Church of Lizton to preach at Wheeler on the 1st Thursday evening of each month. We currently provide transportation for men at Good News to attend our services and have seen men saved and baptized into our membership.

Foundations Ministries:

This is a ministry that our members have setup as a tool to help us reach more people with the gospel and give our members the opportunity to serve the community and thereby edify our members in teaching them skills of service for the Lord’s work. We have a separate page for Foundations Ministries to learn more about Foundations Ministries, Click Here.

Trinity House 2:

We have partnered with Foundations Ministries and Trinity House to host Trinity House 2! Trinity House 2 is a feeding ministry. We currently host this outreach on Sunday evenings at 7 PM where we will invite people to come in and hear the gospel preached and share a meal afterward. This has been a blessing for our church to have the opportunity to learn better how to serve others and get the gospel out! This ministry has shown to be fruitful as souls are saved and added to the church through baptism!

Soul Winning Ministry:

We endeavor to reach the lost in many ways. From time to time, we may be out knocking on doors to share the gospel, we preach on the street corners and at the bus stops, we do tract distribution at major events and work to reach our families, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. Each member is encouraged to be a part of all of these ministries in some way. For more about our soul winning ministries, click here.

24/7 Prayer Calendar:

Born out of a revival we had, we have decided to begin to pray for God to give Christians revival, that we would see churches serving the Lord with boldness and Spirit-filled fervor as well as seeing many souls saved and cities turned around for the glory of God! This prayer calendar has its own page and we still have many spots that need to be filled. We are asking everyone to consider committing to one hour per week to spend in prayer for revival. Please visit the revival prayer calendar page for more information.